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Change your internet IP address automatically.
Works with GYC Automator and GYC Automator Beta. Now create accounts without worrying about IP banning.

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Are you still creating accounts like 4748.dfdf@gmail.com or gdfhtgjuwr@gmail.com?

GYC automator has a powerfull feature to create accounts that look more real & human generated instead of machine generated. So reducing the chances to get your account deleted/disabled by email providers.
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Gmail, Yahoo! & Craigslist Account Creator (GYC Automator)
An ultimate Gmail, Yahoo and Craigslist auto account creator tool
GYC Automator
Create and manage 1000's of Craigslist accounts along with there Gmail or Yahoo! email accounts.
Gmail Account Creator (G.Creator)
A MULTITHREADED Gmail Account Creator tool. Forget filling signup forms!
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The easiest way to create many reliable Gmail email accounts at fastest speed.

A FREE version of GYC Automator (Beta) with fewer features than FULL version is also available.

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GYC Automator

Gmail Account Creator
Want to Create & Manage Hundreds or Thousands of E-mail accounts and their Corresponding Craigslist account without spending many hours!!

No problem, GYC automator is here to help you.
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Main Features

  • Automates process of creating Gmail, Yahoo! and Craigslist accounts
  • Auto activate Craigslist account for Gmail
  • Auto activate Craigslist account for Yahoo! too. You need NOT to fill login details and then click.click.click... it will do it for you
  • Automatically set Gmail forwarding, POP3, Vacation responder
  • Automatically create Gmail FILTERS
  • Full customization of almost every field of signup form
  • Set Craigslist login limit duration
  • Multithreaded - makes it faster. Create multiple accounts simultaneously.
  • Dynamic patterns for Email IDs. Create your own patterns. New feture
  • Works with secure proxies, anonymous proxies
  • Integrated advanced proxy checking. Chose proxy wisely New feture
  • Auto clear CACHE after creating each account New feture
  • Manually clear cache for Gmail, Yahoo! or Craigslist with just a single click New feture
  • Reapply Gmail setting (forwarding, POP3, filter or vacation responder settings) on pre-created Gmail accounts. Very handy when you need to assign new forwarding address to already createad Gmail accounts New feture
  • Supports TOR/Privoxi onion router. Work anonymously New feture
  • Account Import/Export functionality
  • Full control on accounts, can easily Add/Edit/Delete accounts
  • Keep eagle eye on accounts with powerfull filters
  • and much more...
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Gmail Account Creator
Create 100s or 1000s or more Gmail accounts with ease without spending your hours or days of your valuable time.

Are you tired of filling lengthy signup forms to create Gmail accounts.
Forget all those hassels and opt the easiest way to create many Gmail accounts at fastest speed.
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Salient Features

  • Automatically creates Gmail accounts
  • Automatically set Gmail forwarding, POP3
  • Automatically create Gmail FILTERS
  • Automatically set Vacation responder
  • Works with secured proxies and anonymous proxies
  • Full customisation of signup fields
  • Account Import/Export functionality
  • Full control of accounts, can easily Add/Edit/Delete accounts
  • Multithreaded - makes it faster!
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